BOOK NEWS: Sophie Kinsella announces new Shopaholic book!

Sophie Kinsella, bestselling author of the Shopaholic series (and new teen novel, Finding Audrey), has announced a new installment which will be released in the autumn, titled Shopaholic to the Rescue.

Sophie posted the following photo on social media earlier today, stating: 'Becky is back – and the stakes are getting higher!' We're not sure what Becky Bloomwood will be up to this time, but there's definitely a Vegas-themed vibe going on...

BLOG TOUR: Rebecca Pugh's fantasy casting for Return to Bluebell Hill!

Rebecca Pugh, blogger at Becca's Books and debut novelist with UK Carina, joins us this week as part of the Return to Bluebell Hill blog tour! Do you ever read a book wonder which famous folk would play your favourite characters? (Or your own characters, if you're a writer too!) Here Rebecca shares the cast list for a Return to Bluebell Hill adaptation - which would in itself be a whole lot of fun! (Are you listening, Hollywood?!)

Please don’t hate me but, when it comes to the stars of Hollywood, I’m absolutely rubbish! I tend to stick to my favourites, and can never remember names of the people who I do happen to enjoy watching on screen! But, I’m going to give casting the characters in Return to Bluebell Hill a go, although feel free to cast your own, too!

Jessica Mcadams

I am a MASSIVE fan of Anne Hathaway, and in my mind, I think she’d play the role of Jessica perfectly (with raven black hair, of course). She’s strong, but capable of being broken down by the painful memories of her past. Anne Hathaway has such a classic look about her, which I also think would fit Jessica perfectly, as she doesn’t tend to fuss about with her hair or make-up. I can definitely imagine Anne Hathaway on the train on the way to Bluebell Hill. She’d play Jessica McAdams perfectly!

Rueben Greer

This is mainly for selfish reasons and I pretty much imagine most fictional men as being Channing Tatum! He’s got the physical build that I’d imaged Rueben to have from all the physical work, as well as the looks to make Jessica’s legs tremble just that little bit. She talks a lot in the book about how capable and strong Rueben looks… Channing is the perfect fit! 


Yes, yes and yes AGAIN! I absolutely LOVE Meryl Streep, and I think she would play my character Esme flawlessly (just imagine she’s wearing her hair in a bun and Meryl’s spot on!) Esme adores Jessica, and Meryl just has that look about her, like she’d invite you into her cottage, but there’s still a hint of cheekiness in there too, which Rueben definitely brings out in Esme.


Sarah is Jessica’s best-friend who stays in London while Jessica returns to Bluebell Hill. I think Amanda Seyfriend would play the part of Sarah effortlessly! She’s funny, completely supportive and has a slight childish sparkle to her that really helps Jessica along on her journey. She’s loving and loyal, and just wishes that Jessica would have some fun!

So, those are the people who I would choose to cast in the movie, if there were ever to be a film of Return to Bluebell Hill! I’d love to see these actors playing the roles of my characters and I believe that they’d do a brilliant job! What do you think? Do you have any preferences?

Return to Bluebell Hill by Rebecca Pugh
Home is where the heart is…

Jessica McAdams has never belonged anywhere; never truly felt at home. Of course, what did she expect from parents who never made her feel welcome in her own house? Leaving her life in London to return home to the charming country village of Bluebell Hill is harder than she thought. Especially as she never considered she’d be returning under such heart wrenching circumstances…

Clearing out the stunning and imposing Bluebell House after her parents’ death is difficult for Jessica—they never had the best relationship and now it’s too late. Yet spending time in the house that was never a home, having afternoon tea with dear old friend Esme—and sharing hot, sizzling kisses with delectable gardener Rueben!—opens Jessica’s eyes to the potential of Bluebell House… Could this big old, beautiful manor really be her forever home? Is Bluebell Hill where her heart is, has always been?

Jessica soon dares to dream of her very own home with delicious Rueben by her side. But when a deep, dark secret of Bluebell House is unearthed, Jessica’s world is turned upside down…
Will Jessica ever find where her heart truly lies?

BOOK NEWS: A Proper Family Adventure by Chrissie Manby

Chrissie Manby's hilarious Benson family will be returning in July for the next novel in the series, A Proper Family Adventure. In the latest installment, which follows on from A Proper Family Holiday and A Proper Family Christmas, the Bensons are off on a luxury cruise...

Thanks to an unexpected windfall, the Bensons are treating themselves to a luxury cruise. With stop-offs in Barcelona, Rome and Marseilles, plus constant entertainment on board, it's a dream come true . . . Or is it? Last time Chelsea Benson went on holiday with this lot she nearly went crazy.

Her mum and sister are convinced Chelsea's boyfriend Adam will propose on the ship. Chelsea's sure he won't, but she can't help feeling butterflies as they set sail. Is Adam going to pop the question, or will the only thing to pop be Chelsea's ego?

BOOK REVIEW: I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

Let me start with a little disclaimer: Uncovered is, primarily, a blog that focuses on -you guessed it - contemporary women's fiction, widely known as 'chick lit'. However, I personally enjoy many genres, so whether it's a light-hearted, funny romantic tale, a crime novel, a mystery to curl up with or one of the classics - I'm there. So even though this blog is home to my favourite genre - chick lit - now and again I might include a review of something different.

Just letting you know, folks.

Anyway, onto the review! I Let You Go is the new novel from Clare Mackintosh. I came across the novel whilst book shopping, and after seeing that it was recommended to fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train (both of which I absolutely loved), I couldn't leave without it. For which I'm very, very glad.

After a tragic event that changes her life forever, Jenna Gray feels as though she has to get away. Leaving her life in Bristol behind, sculptor Jenna heads for rural Wales - a place where she can start a whole new life. Renting a remote, coastal cottage and with little belongings, Jenna just manages to get by.

When her beautiful beach photographs are admired by locals, Jenna begins to make some money - and it's a step towards rebuilding her life after the tragedy. Despite the grief that she still feels, the voices in her sleep and the thoughts that often haunt her, things are generally getting better, especially when she starts up a friendship with the local vet.

Meanwhile, in Bristol, police inspectors Ray and Kate have refused to give up on a case - the tragic accident which changed Jenna's life. Jenna fled to Wales to move away from the hurt, but it's only a matter of time before the past collides with Jenna's new-found happiness.

I absolutely loved every page of I Let You Go, and found it very difficult to actually put the book down. Granted, it's quite difficult to explain some of the aspects that made it such a great read as I do not want to spoil anything at all, but I will say that this is an addictive read. The story focuses not just on Jenna, but it also delves into the relationship, and personal lives, of the police inspectors working on the investigation, which worked brilliantly with Jenna's story. The twist at the end of the book was shocking; completely unexpected, but again, due to spoilers, you'll have to read I Let You Go yourself. And if you're a fan of psychological thrillers, I would definitely recommend this one. I'm hoping Claire Mackintosh releases more books in future, as she is a highly talented writer.

Rating: 5/5

BOOK REVIEW: His Other Life by Beth Thomas

I had been looking forward to His Other Life by Beth Thomas for some time, especially as I had heard good reviews about Beth's other novel, Carry You. Other reasons? The cover is spellbinding, and I love a good mystery, so the synopsis really pulled me in.
Grace’s new husband Adam seems like the perfect package. Good looking, great job, completely charming – almost too good to be true... 
So when Adam suddenly disappears from Grace’s life, she is left bewildered and heartbroken. And with a lot of unanswered questions.
As she tries desperately to find him, Grace opens a Pandora’s Box of secrets and lies – and starts to learn that Adam wasn’t so perfect after all.

Grace is leading a seemingly happy life with new husband Adam. In fact, she still can't believe how lucky she is. With his great job as an estate agent and his charming demeanor, Grace is looking forward to a cosy life with her lovely husband. That is, until he receives a mysterious text - and a strange voice message from a man called Leon. Just what is Adam hiding?

But before she can question him about it, Adam disappears. When he doesn't return from picking up a takeaway, Grace begins to worry, because Adam is gone. Completely. With no clues as to why her husband has vanished (besides the mysterious Leon), Grace is determined to solve the mystery. With the help of her best friend Ginger and  Ginger's police officer brother Matt, Grace begins her search, with a key found in Adam's belongings leading her to a safe. A safe that is about to uncover her 'perfect' husband's big secret...

I had high hopes for this book, especially at the beginning. The first chapter begins with Grace seeing a text on Adam's phone, and I was instantly intrigued. However, I found that the story became quite slow after Adam's initial disappearance, and often throughout the book. Another odd thing I found is that after the anger at the start of the book, Grace didn't seem too bothered about Adam shortly afterwards, which seemed a bit out of character given that her love for her apparent Mr Right was implied since the start of the book. It didn't take long for Grace to turn her attentions to Matt, and even though people deal with grief in various ways (and Adam's faults were becoming clearer throughout the story), there was just something strange about Grace's behaviour.

In addition, Adam's big secret was a bit of a let-down. I won't elaborate due to the obvious risk of spoilers, but even though it was unpredictable, it was just a bit disappointing.

His Other Life did convey elements of a crime novel, and I really enjoyed this, no doubt because I am a fan of both crime fiction and chick-lit, and sometimes this mixture works extremely well. And it did here, somewhat. I just found that it had more potential.

That said, I enjoy Beth's writing style, and definitely would not hesitate to read her future novels.

Rating: 3/5

NEW RELEASE: Cocktails at Le Carmen by Isabelle Andover

Cocktails at Le Carmen is the quirky debut novel by Isabelle Andover - and it's released today! Chloe is about to experience a culture shock when her job requires her to give up her London life in exchange for Paris...

When job cuts at Chloe Saddler's London communications firm result in an unexpected transfer to Paris, she finds herself leaving behind her friends, family, and boyfriend Scott to start a new life in the City of Light. Getting to grips with La Vie Parisienne and keeping a long-distance relationship afloat is not made any easier by the culture shock. Committing the odd French faux pas and inadvertently indulging in a few too many flirtations with her very sexy (and very taken) boss, Jean-Luc, is just the start of it. Factor in her bridezilla of a sister's wedding (the hottest event of the year in the Saddler family's social calendar), an unexpected session of hot, naked yoga, a slightly psychotic stalker, and one incredible kiss at an infamous Montmartre nightspot, and Chloe can say au revoir to her old, safe London life and bonjour to the romance, splendour, and glamour of Paris. 

BOOK REVIEW: Weightless by Michele Gorman

Weightless is a short story by Michele Gorman, and having enjoyed her previous books (which include Single in the City, Bella Summer Takes a Chance and more recently, The Curvy Girls' Club), I had to check it out.

When one-time school heartthrob Jack meets Annabel at the school reunion, it's a strange moment. Especially when he mistakes her for her popular, school nemesis, Carly. After all, Carly was the beautiful girl that everyone adored. Unfortunately, Annabel was was invisible to everyone but the bullies, including Carly, who constantly poked fun at her size. So when she's lurking in the shadows and is approached by Jack, who was once the boy of her dreams, she's immediately surprised.

Annabel has come a long way since school, ditching the bullies to go to uni, dropping the weight and gaining a successful career as a dietician, helping others through not just weight loss, but also to re-gain that lost body confidence. And when she's thought to be the girl who once put her through so much misery at school...well, why not go along with it?

Amused, she plays along - after all, what's the harm in pretending for one night only? But things quickly become difficult when Jack wants to see her again. And when the pair start dating, it's only a matter of time before the secret's out.

Can Annabel really tell him the truth? That she's not Carly, but the big, bullied girl who used to admire him from afar?

I finished Weightless in one sitting, unable to put it down until I had found out just what happened to Annabel and Jack. Though this story did not end as I had expected! The're a special twist that's surprising and fun, and really made the set-up much more exciting. I instantly liked Annabel and had to keep reading to see how far she could take her new alter-ego.

Weightless is a wonderful story about mistaken identity, confidence, love, and learning to love yourself for who you are.

Rating: 5/5

UPCOMING RELEASE: Return to Bluebell Hill by Rebecca Pugh

Since debut author Rebecca Pugh (who also runs fab review blog Becca's Books) announced the news of her first novel on Twitter, chick-lit fans have been waiting for its release! Return to Bluebell Hill will be available from Carina UK tomorrow and follows Jessica, who has to return home to the idyllic Bluebell Hill after the death of her parents.

Jessica McAdams has never belonged anywhere; never truly felt at home. Of course, what did she expect from parents who never made her feel welcome in her own house? Leaving her life in London to return home to the charming country village of Bluebell Hill is harder than she thought. Especially as she never considered she'd be returning under such heart wrenching circumstances.

Clearing out the stunning and imposing Bluebell House after her parents' death is difficult for Jessica -they never had the best relationship and now it'stoo late. Yet spending time in the house that was never a home, having afternoon tea with dear old friend Esme - and sharing hot, sizzling kisses with delectable gardener Rueben! - opens Jessica's eyes to the potential of Bluebell House. Could this big old, beautiful manor really be her forever home? Is Bluebell Hill where her heart is, has always been? 

Jessica soon dares to dream of her very own home with delicious Rueben by her side. But when a deep, dark secret of Bluebell House is unearthed, Jessica's world is turned upside down.

Will Jessica ever find where her heart truly lies? 

BOOK NEWS: Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams by Sue Watson

Fans of Sue Watson, author of Love, Lies and Lemon Cake (and festive novel Snow Angels, Secrets and Christmas Cake), will be excited about her next book, Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams, which will be released in early July.

Laura Watkin’s heart isn’t broken, she’s just forgotten how to use it. 

After years on her own, the highlight of single mum Laura’s week is watching Strictly Come Dancing with a glass of Pinot Grigio and a large helping of imagination. 

With her daughter Sophie going travelling, Laura knows the time is right to do something for herself for a change. One disastrous Zumba class later and Laura ends up at the feet (literally) of gorgeous dance instructor Tony Hernandez. 

A natural dancer and inspiring teacher, Tony rekindles in Laura a passion she inherited from her ballroom dancer father – and with it comes a dream… to make him proud. 

But when Tony enters them to perform at the National Dance Festival, can Laura’s new-found confidence survive the test? And with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn Flamenco in Spain, could Laura truly learn to dance like nobody’s watching… and love like she’ll never get hurt? 

BOOK NEWS: If You Don't Know Me By Now by A L Michael

Barista Imogen has dreams of becoming a writer in the upcoming novel from A L Michael (author of The Last Word and My So-Called Love Life). Imogen starts an anonymous blog about her customers which starts to become particularly popular...

If You Don't Know Me By Now will be available from Carina in early July.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Imogen has come to London to make it as a writer. At least, that was the plan. Finding herself in a dead-end job serving coffee to hipsters was not on her to-do list. And even if gorgeous colleague Declan does give her more of a buzz than a triple-shot cappuccino, Imogen can feel her dreams evaporating faster than the steam from an extra-hot latte.

Until her anonymous tell-all blog about London’s rudest customers goes viral – and suddenly, Imogen realises that landing the worst job in the world might just be the best thing that’s ever happened to her! As long as she can keep her identity to herself...

UNCOVERED PICKS: Five June Releases!

Chick Lit Uncovered has returned! (Did you miss me?) Anyway, I'm back after a short blog break
and just in time for some of the wonderful new reads being published throughout June. So, on with this month's five picks!

Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher
Sarah is doing just fine. Sure she's been single for the last five years, and has to spend an uncomfortable amount of time around her ex-boyfriend and their mutual friends, and the rest at her tediously mundane job, but it's fine. She's happy(ish).

But it's not surprising that when Sarah starts dreaming about a handsome stranger, she begins looking forward to falling asleep at night. Reality isn't nearly as exciting. That is until her dream-stranger makes an unexpected real-life appearance, leaving Sarah questioning everything she thought she wanted.

Because people never really find the person of their dreams... do they?

Career Game by Louise Mensch
Topaz Rossi and Rowena Krebs are live and kicking. In more ways than one.

Music wonder Rowena Krebs is so huge she's now in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. Right at the top of Musica Records. Her old rival, now best friend, Topaz Rossi is a magazine guru in New York, heading up American Magazines. Bright and energetic as the city itself.

But things are changing: Rowena senses a shift both in business and on the home front. And Topaz can't work out why the circulation figures are dropping. Something's up. Paradise is a place that can bring trouble...

Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe by Milly Johnson
Her marriage is all washed up. It's time for a clean start…

Connie Diamond has always been her husband Jimmy's 'best girl' - or so she thought. But then she discovers that he's been playing away for the past twenty-four years, and that the chocolates she believed he bought her as a sign of his love were just a cover-up, and she is determined to get revenge.

Along with Della Frostick, Jimmy's right-hand woman at his cleaning firm, Diamond Shine, Connie decides to destroy Jimmy's life from the inside. Together they will set up a rival business called Lady Muck, and along with the cleaning ladies who meet at the Sunflower Café, they'll make him wish he had never so much as looked at another woman.

Then Connie meets the charming Brandon Locke, a master chocolatier, whose kind chocolate-brown eyes start to melt her soul. Can the ladies of the Sunflower Café help Connie scrub away the hurt? And can Brandon cure her affliction and make her smile again…?

The Rose Girls by Victoria Connelly 
Thirty-year-old Celeste Hamilton’s life is at a crossroads: she has just left a disastrous marriage, and her estranged mother has recently died, leaving the family’s rose business in jeopardy. Reluctantly, Celeste returns to the family home, a moated manor house in Suffolk, to help her two younger sisters sort out the estate and revive the business.

Having endured the fallout from her mother’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder when she was younger, Celeste is filled with self-doubt and crippling insecurities. But she must find the strength and courage to take charge and make some tough decisions to keep the old house from falling down around them.

The One That Got Away by Bethany Chase
Sarina Mahler thinks she has her life all nailed down: a growing architecture practice in Austin, Texas, and an any-day-now proposal from her loving boyfriend, Noah. She s well on her way to having the family she s hoped for since her mother s death ten years ago. But with Noah on a temporary assignment abroad and retired Olympic swimmer and former flame Eamon Roy back in town asking her to renovate his new fixer-upper, Sarina s life takes an unexpected turn. Eamon proves to be Sarina s dream client, someone who instinctively trusts every one of her choices and Sarina is reminded of all the reasons she was first drawn to him back in the day. Suddenly her carefully planned future with Noah seems a little less than perfect. And when tragedy strikes, Sarina is left reeling. With her world completely upended, she is forced to question what she truly wants in life and in love.