BOOK REVIEW: The Christmas Party by Carole Matthews

Bestselling author Carole Matthews has returned this winter with festive novel The Christmas Party (her second book of 2014, after January release A Place to Call Home). I have always been a fan of Carole's books, and her previous Christmas-themed novels have been a joy to read. So I was particularly looking forward to The Christmas Party, in which the annual festive event of a huge corporate firm threatens to unleash some pretty scandalous secrets...

Louise is a newcomer to large company Fossil Oil. After her recent breakup, doting single mum Louise has moved back in with her parents in an attempt to clear her debts and get her life back on track. A new career is a definite wish too, and her new job - PA to Fossil Oil manager Tyler Benson - is a good place to start working her way up the corporate ladder. Even if Tyler does try to seduce her at every opportunity. Louise has no interest, and romance is not exactly on the cards right now, let alone with her married boss. Then again, there's the handsome and talented Josh Wallace - that is, if Louise can remove him from the clutches of office pal (and rival for Josh's affection!), Karen.

Meanwhile, Kirsten Benson is bored. Having known about Tyler's cheating ways for a long, long time, Kirsten is wondering what she's doing with her life, She's lonely, for starters, and dreading the lavish Fossil Oil Christmas party. Kirsten knows that she'll come face to face with Tyler's new PA, who will no doubt take a specific interest in her husband. (Well, the last one did...)

Pretending she's having a good time at the fancy event is proving to be a difficult task, especially when Simon turns up out of the blue, announcing his new role at Fossil as Tyler's new boss. And Simon and Kirsten have a history of their own...

And there's Melissa. Being the wife of a rich businessman isn't as glitzy as it seems. Clearly, as Melissa once fell into the arms of Tyler Benson. And she wants more. With her husband's recent announcement about Fossil that is not only about to shake up the entire company, but also send her straight back to the States, she has to get Tyler for herself - and fast.

Three women are about to experience an unforgettable Christmas party, in more ways than one.

When I began reading The Christmas Party, I did not envision the many twists and events that came up in this novel. It became swiftly addictive, from the run-up to what would seem like any normal office Christmas party to life-changing events for all three of the main female characters. I found each of them likable in their own ways, despite the rivalry and secrets that went on throughout the book! We've all experiences some eventful office parties, which is another reason why this was an interesting read. Carole has a talent of creating interesting, relatable characters in all of her novels and The Christmas Party was no different. If you are looking for a festive story that's fun (and more scandalous than overly-sweet), then The Christmas Party is definitely for you.

Rating: 5/5

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