BOOK REVIEW: The Anti-Ageing of Harmony Richards by Fiona Jane Collins

What happens when your husband's ex-fiancee is back in town, and all set to reclaim her lost love? In The Anti-Ageing of Harmony Richards, the debut novel by Fiona Jane Collins, Harmony is about to find out.

Housewife Harmony Richards, forty-five and insecure about her fading looks and how quickly time has flown by. Married to successful Tom and mother to three children, Harmony appears to have it all in life - however, despite trying to count her blessings, there's still the issue of her apparently ageing face to contend with, having recently realised she's now one of 'those women' in the nightclub, the kind of women Harmony and best friend Julia would look upon with disdain (and amusement) during their student years in Bath.

There's also the fact that Tom never tells her that he loves her. Oh, and the newly-announced Melissa - the one that got away.

When Harmony's bitchy sister-in-law casually announces Melissa, Harmony's in shock. Having never known about Tom's first love, the revelation begins to constantly occupy Harmony's mind. And when Harmony realises that Melissa is back in town (and that she's young and beautiful) she decides there's only one thing to do - stalk her, and make sure she doesn't get her hands on Tom again...

With her plan wielding some hilarious results, Harmony's determined to keep the ex-fiancee away. Although difficulty arises when she meets the handsome Australian personal trainer, Blake, who begins to make her feel just that little bit younger.

But Harmony's out to do whatever it takes. Even terrible fake tanning...

When I was first sent the news of The Anti-Ageing of Harmony Richards, I checked it out immediately and instantly fell in love with Fiona's writing style. She is witty, clever, and each character is equally funny, such as the determined Harmony, best friend and partner in clubbing, Julia, and loving 'earth mother' Dee. Even though I'm not yet in my forties, I found that it was easy to relate to Harmony and her feelings, and the way that she sees herself and life - sometimes with a slightly cynical approach! There are some great moments in the novel, especially when it came to Melissa. I became hooked as soon as I began reading, and rooted for the lovable Harmony from the start.

Fiona Collins is certainly a talented writer - it's very clear from this novel, which is her first. I'll definitely be reading her future books, and am already looking forward to them!

Rating: 5/5

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