BOOK NEWS: Career Game by Louise Mensch

After her addictive book Beauty, Louise Mensch (otherwise known as Louise Bagshawe) is back this summer with new novel Career Game. Released in June, the novel focuses on Topaz and Rowena, characters from Louise's previous novel Career Girls.

Topaz Rossi and Rowena Krebs are live and kicking. In more ways than one. Music wonder Rowena Krebs is so huge she's now in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. Right at the top of Musica Records. Her old rival, now best friend, Topaz Rossi is a magazine guru in New York, heading up American Magazines. Bright and energetic as the city itself. But things are changing: Rowena senses a shift both in business and on the home front. And Topaz can't work out why the circulation figures are dropping. Something's up. Paradise is a place that can bring trouble... 

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