UPCOMING RELEASE: Return to Bluebell Hill by Rebecca Pugh

Since debut author Rebecca Pugh (who also runs fab review blog Becca's Books) announced the news of her first novel on Twitter, chick-lit fans have been waiting for its release! Return to Bluebell Hill will be available from Carina UK tomorrow and follows Jessica, who has to return home to the idyllic Bluebell Hill after the death of her parents.

Jessica McAdams has never belonged anywhere; never truly felt at home. Of course, what did she expect from parents who never made her feel welcome in her own house? Leaving her life in London to return home to the charming country village of Bluebell Hill is harder than she thought. Especially as she never considered she'd be returning under such heart wrenching circumstances.

Clearing out the stunning and imposing Bluebell House after her parents' death is difficult for Jessica -they never had the best relationship and now it'stoo late. Yet spending time in the house that was never a home, having afternoon tea with dear old friend Esme - and sharing hot, sizzling kisses with delectable gardener Rueben! - opens Jessica's eyes to the potential of Bluebell House. Could this big old, beautiful manor really be her forever home? Is Bluebell Hill where her heart is, has always been? 

Jessica soon dares to dream of her very own home with delicious Rueben by her side. But when a deep, dark secret of Bluebell House is unearthed, Jessica's world is turned upside down.

Will Jessica ever find where her heart truly lies? 

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