BOOK REVIEW: My Sweet Revenge by Jane Fallon

Having been a fan of Jane Fallon's novels for years (ever since Getting Rid of Matthew), I've excitedly awaited each new book. Jane's novels are the perfect combination of drama, intrigue and humour, and her latest offering, My Sweet Revenge, is no different.

When Paula discovers that her husband Robert is cheating on her with his co-worker, naturally she's heartbroken. Not only had they been married for years, but Paula had given up her dreams of acting when their daughter came along, taking a backstage role in life taking care of the family and working a regular job in a cake shop while Rob took the spotlight. Only to have it thrown back in her face.

Robert is one of the country's most beloved actors, on hit TV drama Farmer Giles. A heartthrob for the nation's ladies. And Paula's determined not to let him get away with his cheating ways.

But she's not going to leave him. Dumping him for cheating with his attractive co-star Saskia would provide the perfect escape route for Robert, and Paula doesn't want to make it easy for him. In fact, she wants to make it as difficult as possible.

So Paula hatches a plan to turn herself into the perfect wife. The first step? To get fit again. Her once-content life had led her to neglect her weight, but now she wants the excess fat gone. She turns to exercise, hiring a personal trainer to get her back into shape and restore her lost confidence. She also becomes more attentive, suddenly choosing to attend the TV parties and events she's always avoided - much to Robert's surprise (and horror). As Paula works on improving herself, she's also plotting ways to make Robert pay.

Starting with his career...

This is where I'm going to stop, because I feel that if I continue, I'll be spoiling some of the great twists and moments that prevail later in this novel. However, I will say that this is a fantastic book, and one that I found impossible to put down. Once I was into Paula's plan, there was no going back.

(Plus, I'm a big fan of revenge stories, and in My Sweet Revenge, it's served perfectly. Well, the title says it all!)

It has a wonderful plot, which made me think, at the start, 'this could so be a recipe for disaster...'. But it kept me hooked. Paula is a great character who I admired from the beginning. She isn't a typical 'wronged woman'; she goes about her plan in the best way possible. Not willing to be treated badly any longer, Paula is calm, witty, relatable, sensible, and determined, taking the needs of her family into account before she acts.

My Sweet Revenge is a great read - it's fast-paced, full of drama and some unexpected twists! It's probably my favourite of Jane Fallon's books so far.

Rating: 5/5

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