BOOK REVIEW: There's Something About Cornwall by Daisy James

There's Something About Cornwall is the latest book by Daisy James, author of If The Dress Fits and The Runaway Bridesmaid. With the summer swiftly approaching, I was looking for a novel to get me in that sunny kind of mood, and this one is just perfect.

When food photographer Emilie loses out on an all-expenses paid assignment to Venice (to none other than awful ex-boyfriend Brad), she soon finds herself landed with another opportunity - to shoot the photos for celebrity chef Lucinda Carlton-Rose as she travels around Cornwall for her latest book, Lucinda Loves...Desserts. At first, Emilie's apprehensive about the whole thing, especially as Lucinda is a well-known cookery diva referred to as the Devil in an apron. But when Emilie's more optimistic best pal Alice persuades her, there's no backing out.

After all, it's a trip around Cornwall, photographing gorgeous food, sampling delicious cakes, checking out some local delights, and meeting some of the coast's rather nice surfers...

Emilie and Alice set off together, hiring a bright orange VW camper as their vehicle-slash-hotel. But on day one of the shoot, disaster occurs, making Emilie doubt herself and her decision to take the trip. However, she soon meets Matt, a surfer from Northumberland who might just be the distraction Emilie needs.

When shoot organiser Alice is injured and forced to head back home, it's up to Emilie to take charge. She's never organised a shoot before, and the overbearing Lucinda could make her new mission the most challenging yet. Having already lost confidence in her abilities due to Brad, the Lucinda Loves shoot will make Emilie prove her worth. But on the plus side, there's Matt, who has agreed to be her driver for the rest of the tour.

There's Something About Cornwall is a lovely, feel-good book packed with romance, adventure, ambition and laughs. It's a wonderful summer ride through the Cornish coast, and with plenty of sweet desserts and drink too! I liked Emily from the beginning, and enjoyed seeing her grow as a character throughout the book, from self-doubts caused by her ex's emotional bullying to  a more confident, ambitious woman and friend. I don't want to go into too much here for fear of spoilers, but this is a wonderful story. If you're looking to get whisked away to sample the delights of Cornwall, this is the perfect read.

Rating: 5/5

Thank you to Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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