BOOK NEWS: The Sweetness of Liberty James by Janey Lewis

Late March sees the release of The Sweetness of Liberty James by Janey Lewis, in which Liberty, who seemingly has the perfect life, sets out to rediscover it when things don't go to plan...

Sweet-natured Liberty believes the recipe for her own happiness is making others happy, and she sets about gathering the ingredients for the perfect life. She does well at school, makes glamorous friends and marries her university sweetheart Percy, the heir to the Radley Bank fortune. Now all that's missing is the icing on the cake: a baby. When a traumatic event changes everything, she finds herself on a journey to rediscover her love of food that takes her from Florence to the French Riviera and finally back home to the Sussex village of Littlehurst, with a crazy plan to open her own patisserie. With flirtatious Fred the blacksmith and the dark, brooding Edmund on her doorstep, will she finally find that elusive ingredient: love?

You can pre-order The Sweetness of Liberty James on Amazon.

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