BOOK REVIEW: My Everything by Katie Marsh

What would you do if the husband you're about to leave has a stroke?

In Katie Marsh's new novel, My Everything, Hannah is faced with that very question. The day before Tom suffers from a stroke, Hannah has made her decision to leave him. After five and a half years of marriage; of seeing the worst of Tom, of living in fear of his anger and disappointment on an almost daily basis, Hannah has finally made up her mind to move on with her life. However, one night is about to change it all.

With her husband in hospital, life has dramatically changed for teacher Hannah. The plans she had made now seem unreachable, in return replaced with a future of caring for Tom - who is only thirty-two - a man she has seemingly grown apart from. A fact practically proved by Hannah's recent one night stand with infatuated colleague Raj, a secret that Tom has no idea about.

Now, Hannah can't leave. She can't run away - not when Tom has to face so much rehabilitation and recovery.

Having to be there for her husband makes Hannah consider her options, and of course, the past. What made Tom change from the handsome, fun student she once knew into someone so disconnected? Could she leave him now? Has her life changed forever?

Meanwhile, Tom is also faced with the reality of his future, and the love for his wife that has seemingly become non-existent. Being unable to walk or carry out the simplest of daily tasks, let alone work, is almost unbearable for successful Tom, and he too begins to question just went wrong between them.

My Everything is a wonderful novel. It's thought-provoking, moving, beautifully written and thoroughly addictive, and what's more, this is Katie's debut. This is not only a book that's impossible to put down, but it's also a book that really makes you think about life and the choices you make. Can lost love be salvaged, or is it gone for good? It really made me contemplate what I would have done in Hannah's situation, and it's truly difficult to put oneself in her place.

Throughout the book were chapters focusing on memories from Tom and Hannah's past; tickets and trinkets which slowly told the story of their relationship, which is something I loved about this book.
Katie Marsh is a highly talented writer and I'm already looking forward to her future novels.

Rating: 5/5

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