BOOK REVIEW: Take a Chance on Me by Carol Wyer

Carol Wyer is the author of many romantic comedies including Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines, Life Swap and Surfing In Stilettos. Her latest novel, Take A Chance on Me , was released last Friday and is a fantastic read!

The novel was previously named The Woman Who Lost Her Mojo, so some readers may be familiar with the novel (I received a copy of the book on Netgalley under its former title). Personally, I love both the titles, and the cover is lovely too!

Charlie is nearing forty, and has been single for some time. Working at a hospital radio station has kept her happy and busy since the breakup of her marriage. Not only is Charlie divorced, but she also lost her daughter in an accident years before, resulting in Charlie finding it difficult to move on. And her situation is made worse when her ex-husband, who is still a close friend, announces some happy news of his own.

If he can move on, then surely Charlie can too?

Charlie confides in her best friend Mercedes. At a gathering at her house, tipsy Mercedes has an idea - to create 'carpe diem' lists. Charlie and Mercedes must write down a list of things they want to achieve before they die. However, there's a twist to the drunken pact - both ladies must swap the list and carry out each other's challenges.

Although very happy in life, wheelchair-bound Mercedes has a number of tasks that she's physically unable to do - so Charlie will be carrying them out for her. The first being belly dancing!

As Charlie works her way through her bucket list,  each task brings her closer to the possibility of a promising new life. Especially when there's some unexpected romance on the cards...

Take a Chance on Me is a beautiful, heartwarming story. It focuses on overcoming grief, and the heartache that can be caused when it's sometimes tough to move on. However, Charlie's challenges, her friends, and the carpe diem list provide some wonderful moments (and not to mention humour!) I don't want to spoil the story, so I won't mention more of the challenges here, but this book is also inspiring. After reading it, I wanted to a list of my own to complete.

If you are in search of a warm, uplifting and funny novel, Take a Chance on Me will not disappoint.

Rating: 5/5

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