NEW RELEASES: The Secret of You by Victoria Connelly

Victoria Connelly, author of Molly's Millions and The Runaway Actress, is back this month with new novel The Secret of You, which is set in the Cotswolds. Released tomorrow, The Secret of You focuses on journalist Anna whose assignment about a local collector leads her to a whole new mystery...

Journalist Anna McCall has never understood people who collect things so, when she’s asked to interview local collector and eccentric, William Kitson, she isn’t exactly looking forward to the experience. 

But she soon falls under the charm of Fox Hill Manor as well as its owner, even though she thinks there’s something very strange about the collection there. What exactly is William hiding in the unused wing of the manor house? And is it a story Anna could sell? 

Set in the beautiful Cotswolds, The Secret of You is a novel about love, trust and antiques from the bestselling author of A Weekend with Mr Darcy and Wish You Were Here.

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