We loved Holly Martin's novel One Hundred Proposals (which recently made the shortlist for Best Romantic Read at the Festival of Romantic Fiction!) Given that we always love to pry a bit further into the lives of lovely writers (in a nice way, of course!) we put our weekly questions to Holly.

Tell us about your latest novel in 15 words or less.
Round the world with 100 romantic, spectacular gorgeous proposals, a story of friendship and love.

What inspired you to write One Hundred Proposals?
It just came to me one day as a fully formed idea, how do you propose to proposer, how can you be romantic when your whole business is romance?

Where do you do most of your writing?
Where I can, in my bed, on my sofa, in my conservatory, at work scribbled in the back of notepads over lunch, just wherever I have the time.

What is your favourite book?
There's so many great ones, I love Twenties Girl from Sophie Kinsella and Waiting for Prince Harry from Aven Ellis.

Which part of One Hundred Proposals did you enjoy writing the most?
The proposals, coming up with new and exciting ways for Harry to propose to Suzie and I love the ending, it makes me smile so much.

Who is your favourite literary heroine?
It's not very original but Bridget Jones, she was just a normal girl who ended up in the middle of disaster after disaster.

Do you have any tips for readers who are looking to become published writers?
Just write, every idea, every sentence, every scene, just write it down, it could turn into something, it could not, but if you don't write it down, it will never be anything?

Thanks, Holly!

You can find out more about Holly Martin and her books over at her website, or by following her on Twitter (@hollymartin00).

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