BOOK NEWS: The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson

Lucy Robinson has brought us some wonderfully funny and beautifully written novels, including A Passionate Love Affair With a Total Stranger and The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me, so it was exciting to hear about her next novel which is due for release in April. The Day We Disappeared focuses on two friends, Annie and Kate, who hold secrets that might just cause their lives to collide.

It's springtime in London and everything is about to change for Annie Mulholland. From the moment she meets Stephen Flint, things seem too good to be true as Annie abandons her customary cautiousness for a wild love affair.

In Somerset, Kate Brady is starting a new job. Fresh air, new faces and good old fashioned hard work is just what she needs to put everything that happened in Dublin behind her.

But what are these two old friends hiding, and for how long can they run from the secrets of their past before they come crashing into their futures?

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