NEW RELEASE: The Frog Prince by Sophie Ranald

Sophie Ranald, author of A Groom With a View (which you can read an excerpt from here!) is back this year with The Frog Prince, in which Will goes undercover in an attempt to find his perfect partner...

Not all stories end with happily-ever-after… 

On paper, Will Turner seems like the ideal man: he’s gorgeous, has a GSOH and looks great in a pair of Marigolds. Oh, and his tech start-up has made him rich beyond his wildest dreams. So why can’t he find the perfect girlfriend? 

Stella’s just moved in with Will’s best mate Julian, and she’d love Will to settle down too, ideally with a New Best Friend for her. She persuades him to try online dating – but there’s a catch. Will has to go undercover and pretend to be an average, hard-working bloke. He’ll do the big reveal only when he’s found Ms Right. 

What could possibly go wrong? 

While Will encounters ticking biological clocks, YouTube pick-up artists and a cat called Muggle, Stella's own fairytale isn’t working out quite as she imagined. Is her heart really in the right place? And has she left it too late to kiss her prince? 

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