NEW RELEASE: The Moment of Truth by Shari Low

Shari Low, author of A Brand New Me, Friday Night With the Girls and The Motherhood Walk of Fame, has returned with a brand new novel that's now available on Kindle. In The Moment of Truth, 'proposal agent' Laney is shocked to find that her latest client has the same name as her own husband...

Laney Cochrane loves her life. 

With her friends Millie and Tash, she runs a proposal agency, organising the perfect setting for their clients to pop the question. 

Finding that forever love is something Laney knows all about. Her marriage to Cameron is blissfully content and she has never doubted they’ll live happily ever after. Then Cara Deacon walks into their office. 

When Cara enlists their help to set up a romantic engagement to her boyfriend, they visualise a breathtaking scene under a moonlit Manhattan sky. 

Laney’s excitement rises, until she realises that the man Cara intends to marry has the same name as her own husband. Cameron Cochrane. 

A bizarre coincidence? Identity theft? A cruel joke? 

Or is Cara’s dream about to become Laney’s worst nightmare? 

The only way to know for sure is to plan the proposal and see it through to the end. 

But whose heart will be left intact after… The Moment of Truth? 

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