NEW RELEASE: Mothers and Daughters by Minna Howard

Mothers and Daughters by Minna Howard is one of the exciting new releases from Aria. It follows newly-widowed Alice, who has to navigate a life full of new changes, and some secrets, too.

Alice finds herself suddenly widowed in her early forties, leaving her with an empty house and a lonely heart. 

Laura and Evie, her twenty-something daughters announce their separate and unexpected news, which ploughs Alice straight out of grieving and into the prospect planning a wedding and becoming a reluctant – yet glamorous – granny, to not one, but three grandchildren.

Frank, an old family friend returns to give his godchild Laura away at her wedding. 

A whole host of secrets unfold that rock the family's foundations and set Alice free to finally begin a new, exciting chapter of her life with no regrets. 

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