BOOK REVIEW: The Ex Factor by Eva Woods

Would you ever date a friend's ex? Personally I always thought of it as a no-go area, but in The Ex Factor, the new novel by Eva Woods (author of The Thirty List), a group of friends does exactly that.

Marnie, Rosa, Ani and Helen are all unlucky in love. When Marnie returns to London after living abroad, the group reunite for drinks and a catch-up. Rosa has recently split from her husband due to his inability to stay faithful. Successful lawyer Ani steers clear of dating seeing as her day job, dealing with messy divorces, proves just how love can go wrong. Freelancer Helen hasn't dated in a long time. Her somewhat secret job - working on a website for married people looking for affairs - doesn't exactly provide a promising outlook. Plus, she still hasn't completely got over her ex. And when Marnie arrives, she might be in a bit of trouble...

Shocked at their lack of love, and fed up with the annoyances of online dating, Marnie comes up with a plan - to each date a friend's ex. After all - the potential date would be 'pre-screened' by a good friend, thus not coming with the chance of dating a potential oddball from an exaggerated dating profile. It's the perfect plan...or is it? Especially when journalist Rosa is asked to write about her latest project in 'freecycling' exes.

I don't want to go on and risk spoiling the book, but when the four pals begin their dates, things begin to get fun. But what about when it gets serious? As Rosa embarks on her latest article, the group start to realise that along with some rather interesting dates, there can be a risk in actually falling for the ex of one of your best friends.

The Ex Factor was an enjoyable, romantic read that I finished quite quickly. Granted, in my many years of reading chick-lit I have read numerous novels focusing on dating, however this one does come with a very interesting premise! I liked each of the characters, especially Helen, and of course, reporter Rosa with her article, as she worked alongside her cheating ex. If you're looking for a warm, lighthearted read then definitely pick up The Ex Factor. (I'm now going to check out The Thirty List!)

Rating: 4/5

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