NEW RELEASES: Love Me Tinder by Nicola May

Love Me Tinder is the new novel from Nicola May (author of The School Gates, The SW19 Club and Working It Out), in which shy Carli embarks on a dating adventure with the help of a popular app...

Dull security or risky freedom - which would you choose? 

With her marriage in pieces, shy Cali Summers is faced with this decision and hits the world of fast love on an internet dating app. 

Using room 102 in the hotel where she works as her dating 'lair', she opens herself up to a world of sex, lies, deception, as well as personal discovery and passionate love. 

With a charming F1 engineer, a handsome army officer and her adulterous ex all on the scene, a predictable love match is far from on the cards.

Love Me Tinder is available now.

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