NEW RELEASES: Choices by Lenny Smith

If by Lenny Smith, the first novel in the If Choices Unravel series, was published earlier this year - and the next book in the series is now available. Choices sees Karla Berkeley return and head to New York in order to improve her life...

In life there will always be choices and the right choice is often the hardest one to make; you've got to ask yourself, can you live with the consequences? 

When everything falls apart, you can either give up or learn to pick up the pieces and start again and that is exactly what Karla Berkeley does. 

Heading to New York, Karla is ready to embark on her happy ever after, only things are not quite as she hoped they would be, or should be! 

Karla finds herself facing new challenges but when faced with the toughest one of all, will she find the strength to keep going or will she fall back into the clutches of her addiction? 

She soon realises that the only way to keep herself from slipping is to shut down, but at what cost? 

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