NEW RELEASE: An Officer and a Gentleman Wanted

The new romantic comedy from Beverley Watts has been described as 'Bridget Jones meets the Navy.' In An Officer and A Gentleman Wanted, a forty-something divorcee sets out to find love again - by working in Royal Navy officer training...

Beverley Wilkins has always dreamed of becoming an officer's wife and working at the Royal Navy's premier officer training establishment could just be the way to do it. She might be divorced and in her mid 40s, but it doesn't mean she's given up on romance - after all, she's seen 'An Officer and a Gentleman'! 

The only problem is that so far, the only man in her life is her dog Nelson who unfortunately has a mind of his own - not for nothing is he named after Britain's greatest hero. 

But it's a new semester which means new officers... 

Anything could happen! 

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