BOOK NEWS: The Anti-Model Agency by Nicky Schmidt

Nicky Schmidt, author of Naked in Knightsbridge and Marrying Out of Money, returns in February with her new novel The Anti-Model Agency, in which model Dizzy's perfect career is about to take a turn for the worse...

The moment Dizzy Kane is catapulted from her council estate to the catwalk, she promises herself there is no going back. However, when fate and the urge to feast on fries and booze step in, Dizzy is fired for failing to maintain her size zero figure, losing her agency and rockstar boyfriend along the way. Finding herself back in the airless little flat she grew up in, with a mother completely lacking in boundaries and a geeky neighbourhood boy who only has marriage on his mind, Dizzy sets about taking revenge on the industry that turned its Paris-thin back on her.

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