BOOK REVIEW: As Good As it Gets? by Fiona Gibson

As a fan of Fiona Gibson's novels since picking up Mummy Said the F Word in 2011, I've been looking forward to her latest offering, As Good As It Gets, for some time. Due for release on 29th January, As Good As it Gets? is a tale of modern motherhood, written in Fiona's wonderfully funny voice, and if you're a fan of her previous novels (which include Mum on the Run, Take Mum Out and The Great Escape) then you're bound to enjoy this one!

Charlotte Bristow is worried. After becoming unemployed, husband Will has changed. Not wanting to get in the way of Will's somewhat uneventful search for a job, Charlotte has decided to keep quiet. Working in marketing for a crisp company and being mum to sixteen-year-old Rosie and eleven-year-old Ollie, Charlotte's life is relatively normal - until, that is, her gorgeous daughter Rosie is scouted for a top model agency whilst shopping.

With a glistening career offered to her on a plate, Rosie is all set for life as a catwalk queen. But soon, partly due to a comment made at the agency's headquarters, part of the past is about to quickly make its way into the present. Will isn't Rosie's biological father - Fraser is. Posh Fraser, who Charlotte met while travelling. Who dumped Charlotte and their baby out of the blue, before Rosie was even born.

So when curious Rosie wants to get back in touch with her 'real' dad, how can Charlotte refuse? Especially when it turns out Fraser has been in contact too.

With some friendly new arrivals in their quiet street (and, hilariously, some leather trousers), the life of the Bristows is seemingly fine. However, some truths are about to be uncovered, along with an announcement from Will. With Rosie's modelling career to contend with, her secret emails with Fraser, neighbour dilemmas and colleagues making bad decisions, Charlotte's life, and her marriage, is becoming far from perfect...

Without giving away too much of the story, I will say that this is now my favourite of Fiona Gibson's books, and quite possibly the funniest yet in my opinion. Fiona's novels are always charming and fun, taking the realities of family life and portraying them in a unique, relatable way with down-to-earth characters that you can easily get to know. (I absolutely loved Charlotte). Even though I am not a parent myself, I have enjoyed every one of Fiona's tales to date, and I could not put As Good As It Gets? down until I had finished. Fiona tackles family issues, such as Fraser coming back into the life of her teenage daughter, Will's unemployment and the impact it has had on their fourteen-year marriage, with clarity, heart and a lot of humour, which is why I enjoyed As Good As It Gets? so much. I am eagerly awaiting Fiona's next book.

Rating: 5/5

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