BLOG TOUR: Nicola May - The SW19 Club

Romantic novelist Nicola May joins us this week as part of her The SW19 Club blog tour! We interviewed her heroine Gracie Davies to find out exactly what it’s all about...

So Gracie, tell us about you and what Nicola’s new book is all about..
I’m 38 and the heroine of Nicola’s book, when I’m faced with the news that I can no longer have children after losing IVF twins I am at an all-time low. Finding the subject is almost taboo, I set up The SW19 Club, where women in similar situations can chat openly about the unspoken issues of fertility in a supportive and fun environment.

Do you think the author writes sensitively about what you are going through?
Very much so, Nicola actually went through the heartbreak of losing twins and having a hysterectomy herself, so is able to write straight from the heart.  She realised not enough is ever said or discussed about losing children or not being able to have children. And, just because those little people are never seen, it doesn’t make the pain of loss any less. In fact, ‘could have beens’ are so much harder. I think the reader will relate to my inner feelings and also route for me to find happiness, peace and understanding.

You have a few love interests in The SW19 Club, can you tell us about them and who is your favourite?
Hmm... so there’s Lewis, the love of my life and adulterous ex. His affair breaks my heart and is obviously not right, but Nicola also makes the reader realise he isn’t a bad person and was going through the grieving process himself.

I have a passionate fling with handsome landscaper Ed - his hidden secret mars my judgement of him and then thank you Nicola May for my fairytale encounter with a Hollywood film star! Getting whisked away to Barcelona by Leo Grant in his private jet was something special.

And, I’m not going to tell you my favourite, they all light my fire in one way or another, but you’ll have to read the book to see what happens!

Do you think women who haven’t been through a similar situation will still enjoy this book?
Oh yes, very much so. Don’t be put off by the base storyline; the novel is in fact a romantic comedy full of love, life lessons and triumph over adversity. Some of the love scenes will make you cry and some will make you wish you were me!

The fact that Milly Johnson has read the book and says it will both twang your funny bone and your heartstrings says it all really.

The SW19 Club launched on July 23rd and is available in both Kindle and paperback versions. You can find out more about Nicola and her books at her website, Facebook (Nicola May) or follow her on Twitter

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