NEW RELEASES: Total Eclipse of the Harriet by Fiona Jane Collins

The Anti-Ageing of Harmony Richards, the first book by Fiona Jane Collins, was a wonderful and witty read, so I was very, VERY pleased to find out that Fiona has released a new novel! Total Eclipse of the Harriet, in which a perfectly normal mum meets an 80s pop icon on the school run, is available now, and looks like a whole lot of fun...

When Harriet Met Patti…  

Harriet Martin has had a very dull life. Not much has happened to her, except having her daughter, Tabby and being left by Tabby’s father, Adam. She works in a non-charming, cupcake-free coffee shop, has a pathetic social life and pines for Adam, who went off with a more exciting woman.  

So, when she meets Patti Jax - former 80s rock star and cool, feisty icon - on the school run, things can only get more interesting.  

Patti is new in town and has a ‘situation vacant’ for a friend. Before she knows it, Harriet is thrown into a rock star world of booze, parties and a highly attractive manager who may rapidly disprove her theory that love at first sight can only strike once.  

Is Harriet about to step into the spotlight of her own life for the very first time?   

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