NEW RELEASES: The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald

Katarina Bivald's book, The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend, has already reached the top ten lists in Sweden and France. The promising new book, which was released in late June, is said to be perfect for those who love contemporary fiction and romance, and is a tale of loneliness, fitting in, and the love of books.

Sara is twenty-eight and has never been anywhere in her life – except, that is, in the books she reads. So when she accepts an invitation by her bookish penfriend Amy to leave Sweden for the first time to visit her in the tiny town of Broken Wheel, Iowa, a new chapter begins. But when she arrives, it is to a twist even she could not have predicted – Amy has died. Finding herself utterly alone in a dead woman’s house in the middle of nowhere wasn’t exactly the holiday she has in mind. Adventure over. The End.

But she’s not exactly alone. For here in this town so broken it is almost beyond repair are all the loveable characters she has gotten to know through Amy’s letters. Sara soon find that the secrets and pasts, lives and loves of the residents of Broken Wheel are just as compelling as any good book. But it becomes clear that this town is in desperate need of some adventure, a smidgen of self-help and perhaps a little romance too. It needs, in short, a bookshop.

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