BOOK NEWS: Making Headlines by Jennifer Hansen

Real-life TV journalist Jennifer Hansen's experience in television news has seemingly inspired her upcoming book, Making Headlines. The novel, published by Harper Impulse and due for release in February, follows determined reporter Rachael Bentley as she tries to balance her often harsh new job with her messy personal life...

Working as a TV reporter has its challenges, but when Rachael Bentley decides to aim high and become a newsreader, she faces a whole new minefield of explosive scenarios.

Rachel's path sees her pitched against egos in the newsroom, office politics and corrupt politicians, not to mention rampant sexism, and a mystery stalker. Juggling a messy personal life doesn't help, nor does the emotional impact of reporting on life's tragedies and when it all takes a toll and Rachel starts partying too hard, she finds herself making the headlines instead of reading them.

Will she survive a world where dreams are shattered daily and will she find the man who can help her keep her soul?

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