BOOK NEWS: The Week I Ruined My Life by Caroline Grace-Cassidy

The Week I Ruined My Life is the upcoming novel from Irish writer and actress Caroline Grace-Cassidy. Released in June, the book takes an interesting look at a failing marriage and realities one can face.

Ali Devlin never had any doubts when she glided up the aisle to marry her childhood sweetheart, Colin Devlin. But two beautiful children and twelve years can change all that. Ali can no longer relate to the man she fell in love with. He is there, everyday, a committed father but in her eyes, a failing husband. A civil word is hard to find and the vows she readily took are becoming more and more difficult to fulfil. When she decides to go back to work after being a stay at home mother for years, things in the marriage go from bad to worse.

Reigniting her passion for the arts, Ali finds her dream job at the City Arts Centre and despite Colin’s protests that she is neglecting her family and her perpetual guilt as a working mother, she stays in the job. And when she meets artist-in-residence Owen O’ Neill, she can’t help but compare him to Colin. He is everything her husband isn’t any more: attentive, funny, respectful, caring, charming and undeniably sexy. There is chemistry but Ali isn’t the type of woman to have an affair – or is she? Unsure of everything in her life, a work trip to Amsterdam brings it all to a head.  

Life can spiral on a moment with the realisation of what is truly important in our lives. As events dramatically and unexpectedly unfold in front of her, Ali realises what were the only important things all along. Now it’s time to stand on her own two feet, whatever the consequences.

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