BOOK REVIEW: Strictly Between Us by Jane Fallon

Jane Fallon has remained one of my favourite authors ever since reading Getting Rid of Matthew. The novels which followed, including Got You Back and The Ugly Sister, were just as addictive (although I have yet to read Foursome - why haven't I read Foursome?!) and so I'd been looking forward to Strictly Between Us for some time.

Tamsin and Michelle have been best friends since their teenage years. Now in their thirties, and in varying stages of relationship (Tamsin single, Michelle happily married with the dream of soon starting a family), they still remain incredibly close. Pretty, sweet Michelle and handsome, confident TV exec Patrick appear to be the perfect couple. That is, until Tamsin hears a workplace rumour that Patrick is having an affair. It’s a rumour that she simply can’t forget about.

Willing to find out the truth behind the office gossip, Tamsin quickly confides in Bea - her incredibly loyal assistant - about the situation. Soon, Tamsin is hatching a plan to catch out her best friend’s husband, using (a very reluctant) Bea.

When Bea reports that nothing at all happens, it’s a relief for Tamsin. Until she does something unforgivable, landing herself in a situation that proves very, very hard to get out of.

Meanwhile, Bea has a plan of her own. And why would Tamsin suspect anything? Tamsin can trust Bea with her life…

What follows is a fantastic story that’s extremely hard to put down, though that’s to be expected of Jane Fallon. She has a real talent for witty yet dark novels with brilliant twists. Which is why it’s hard to review this novel fully – I don’t want to spoil the story. That said, at first I didn’t quite like Tamsin. However as the story continued, and I grew to like her. A bit of an anti-hero, if you will. Initially her selfishness was evident, and even more so through the eyes of Bea. However, later I started to like her, and figured that she learnt her lesson in the end.

If you like an edgy read full of secrets, then I would definitely recommend this book. Strictly Between Us is a great read – I finished it very quickly and then wished I’d paced myself a bit. I’m already waiting for Jane’s next offering.

Rating: 5/5

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