BOOK REVIEW: Strictly My Husband by Tracy Bloom

I've been a fan of Tracy Bloom's novels since reading her first, No One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday. Tracy's books are light, witty and brilliantly addictive, which evidently made her a bestselling author and published internationally. Strictly My Husband is Tracy's latest offering.

First of all, let me just say that I am not a fan of Strictly Come Dancing. Not at all. So I was a bit concerned that this novel would be heavily inspired by the show, which I feared I wouldn't enjoy. However, I love Tracy's books so I chose to read it regardless, and as it happens there are not many Strictly references.

But there is dancing! And even us non-Strictly fans don't mind a bit of dancing...

Laura and Tom love to dance around the kitchen when nobody's watching - well, at least Laura, given that she's not that good at it. Nothing like Tom, a trained performer and now an entertainment manager at the theme park in their hometown. Laura's dancing prowess doesn't seem to matter - not when the lovely Tom only has eyes for her! That is, until he turns up one day with a beautiful young woman in tow. Worse still, he's offered her the spare room.

Carly - a  stunning, blonde and bubbly dancer - has bagged the lead role in Tom's upcoming Halloween show, and has just split with her boyfriend. So with nowhere to stay, Tom kindly invites her to be a temporary lodger.

Carly's looks and penchant for getting personal with Tom instantly put Laura on edge. After all, Laura's unglamorous life as a market research analyst is hardly on par with the glittery demeanor that Carly possesses. Scared, and convinced that the pair will be doomed to the 'Strictly Curse' in which dancers fall for their partners, Laura confides in sister-in-law Hannah, whose relationship with Jerry isn't exactly going well either...

As Tom prepares for his show with Carly, Laura is intent on finding out the truth. And when the show's success partly relies on Laura's work, what will she choose to do?

Yet again, Tracy Bloom's wit shines through in this novel. She has a real knack for fun, romantic comedy and relateable characters. After all, what would you do if a stunning woman turned up on your doorstep and miiiight just risk stealing your husband? I really liked Laura, and even though she was abrupt at times, could totally understand why! Each chapter focuses on a different character, so you get to see all sides of the story; Laura, Tom, Hannah, and Jerry. I won't delve any further in case of potential spoilers, but if you're looking for something light and funny (and okay, with a bit of drama), Strictly My Husband is the perfect read.

Rating: 5/5

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