GUEST POST: Carli Palmer

Carli Palmer, author of Down the Aisle with Bridezilla, is back with new book Shore House Slumming. In the novel, editor Dana finds herself facing new adventures (and pitfalls!) when she embarks on a new life in Florida after her happy life in Seattle goes awry.

Where would you go if you suddenly had to choose? Here's Carli's choice!

One free plane ticket…looks like I’m heading to Venice!

What if you received a free plane ticket to go anywhere in the world? Where would you go? After much pondering I decided that Venice is the city for me! Where else can you go where the atmosphere is romantic and adventurous at the same time all the while living on the sea? The streets become water, your car becomes a gondola, and your beverage of choice is a delicious espresso served in a tiny white porcelain cup accompanied by a buttery croissant with jam. I’d walk around in Piazza San Marco taking pictures, stroll over the bridges that crossed the canals, and view films at the Venice Film Festival. To me there is nothing more relaxing than sitting at an outdoor cafĂ©’, reading a book, and listening to the lapping of water. What better place to do it than a city filled with mystery and intrigue? Who knows what’s lurking around the corner of a building’s foundation as you’re venturing down the waterways?

And the city at night? Don’t even get me started. It would take all my mind’s memory to capture the magic and romance that is the nighttime lights dancing down on the canals. Because it seems so cryptic and alluring is the reason I want to go besides exploring the entertainment (especially carnival and an opera at Teatro La Fenice) and the local food. A fantasy destination should be a place that draws you not something you book because you have to cross it off your bucket list. My fantasy city is just waiting for me to arrive.

Shore House Slumming by Carli Palmer

Working as an editor in Seattle, Dana Kline led a happy life. She had great friends, a career she adored, and her health couldn’t be better. But everything about it was mundane and safe. EVERYTHING. No gamble would have made her change her ways, so life was going to change it for her. After an unexpected release from her job and then finding out that she would become practically homeless for the summer, Dana gathered her courage and found herself ready to try a new life in Florida. The only problem was getting herself across the nation on a tight budget, hardly any connections, and an unadventurous self. After many stops along both coast lines Dana finds out that it’s okay to let her hair down, meet new people, and try new escapades. Just as long as her sanity doesn’t fly away with the seagulls.

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