BOOK REVIEW: A Wedding in Cornwall by Laura Briggs

A dream career opportunity and the chance of love in a gorgeous country house? Event planner Julianne is about to get more than she expected from her trip to the UK in A Wedding in Cornwall - a new novella from Laura Briggs (author of Picture Mr Perfect, Boyfriend By the Book and The Wedding Caper).

When Julianne's colleague falls ill, the chance to fly out to the UK to plan the wedding of a celebrity drops in her lap. Of course, it'd be silly not to snap it up - so Julianne temporarily leaves her life in the States behind to take up residence in the stunning, historical Cliffs House.

However, her job soon becomes more difficult than she envisioned, with the famous couple not seeing eye to eye on a lot of the wedding details. With the beautiful bride-to-be proving to be hard to please, Julianne knows that she's in for a challenge - even more so when she meets Matthew, the handsome gardener, and other obstacles begin to arise...

I read this novella on a relaxing weekend away, and absolutely loved it. This is the first of Laura's books that I've read, and I'll certainly be reading more. At the beginning of the book, Laura states in a letter to her readers that she has, in fact, never visited Cornwall, which is quite a surprise as she has described it wonderfully. Her writing places you right there on the gorgeous coast, and within the stately walls of Cliffs House.

A Wedding in Cornwall is a sweet, uplifting and romantic tale which I fully enjoyed. It certainly brightened my day, and better still, heroine Julianne will be returning this month in Laura's next novella, A Christmas in Cornwall.

Rating: 5/5

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